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Remembering Why You Started

The years have a way of making you forget.   They make you forget how you used to light up, or the way you could get lost in something and care less about the time you were spending, or maybe even just investing in a particular thing because you enjoyed it, not for the productivity or value of it. Life, as Langston's mom character tells us is in  "Mother to Son" , is no 'crystal stair'. That means something different to everyone. Everyone has varying degrees of pain and obstacles in their life. But for most, there are boards torn up, splinters to be had, tacks. There are places that are bare.  Yet, still she climbed. Are you still climbing? Or did you forget? ... Maybe the plan changed. Maybe you failed. Maybe other dreams took precedence. Maybe the self-doubt took too much from your confidence. Maybe other people were better. Maybe the timing was wrong. ... Sometimes we really do walk away from passions or dreams in our life and that's a good thing. It's

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