What a radio has to say

You wouldn't believe the things that come to me:

in the night,

without notice,




I'm known for telling.

I'm known for saying what you cannot alone.

I am the liaison. 

You're convinced you listen to me.

Hours worth, days worth.

You get to turn me off.

You can turn me down.

You can sit silent without a sound.

But I hear every secret.

I heard you crying after that phone call.

And I know how you turn it up so you don't have to think.

I've memorized your nervous humming, the melody is now mine, too.

I sit with you.

You talk and you talk and you cry and you don't listen to the words.

It's not just me that's heard.

I listen to you.

Without revision, or a volume nob, without ceasing.

And some days I just want to shut off and never back on for all I hear. 

You break my heart with the weight.

I don't even have a heart or intelligent thought, 

but I feel for you. 

But I'll play on as long as my hardware allows.

Not for the things I hear,

but for t…

9 Songs That Help Me Sift Through the Current Chaos

"If I had a formula for by-passing trouble, I wouldn't pass it around. I wouldn't be doing anyone a favor. Trouble creates a capacity to handle it... Meet it as a friend, for you'll see a lot of it, and you had better be on speaking terms with it." 
-Oliver Wendell Holmes, (Supreme Court Justice, 1902-1932)

Let's sit a while.
It's been a heavy day, hasn't it? For some a weighty year, and for others a lifetime, or generations of difficult. You've gotta be tired. You must feel defeated.
There's a place I go, when I don't know.  God gave it to me, in His effortless kindness, there is a place I sit: called music. 
People write songs when their words are too watery. They press their most abstract phrases into perfect rhymes. Musicians can put the passion they don't know what to do with into a song and someone else who just needs a little courage can find out they aren't alone. I like to think of the Tower of Babel as where we lost our com…

"Would you be a part of the healing tide?"

"What if I told you a willing heart and soul is what you need? What if I showed you how to make a good out of somethin' wrong?"
-The War and Treaty

Breathe with me for a minute. No, humor me, close your eyes.
Listen to your lungs fill up with air, focus on the cadence as you breathe back out. Do this until you pay attention, or feel gratitude the choice is yours.
Sometimes when I get up too quickly my vision blurs. Vertigo - maybe, or just an impatience of my mind for gravity. 
In the blows of evil I feel this.
I know you feel the pains. I know you feel the loss of humanity. I know you feel the division. I know you're deafened by the noise. I know you're tired of headlines. I know you're sick from the amount of times a day you feel grief. 
I lift my head from reading, and I see spots of yellow and black. I close my eyes to push out the imbalance. I do not want to keep my eyes open. I have an impatience in my mind to feel this gravity.
The swirling pushes me into a seated pos…

Why we need poetry.

"If you write for everybody, you write for no one. So I write for my friends."  "Keep Forgiving", Levi the Poet
We're distracted.  It's doesn't take someone highly self-aware to own up to this.  I think as a modern society we certainly realize that the negative of our technological advances are that they are no longer compartmentalized. 
Instead, we carry them everywhere and forget we have the option to turn them off, let the battery die, or leave them at home, etc. It's no longer land lines that we only check when we get home from work or dial up we only log on to when we need to do something specific - it's invasive. Often, it's hard to find moderation in our interactions with technology. 
A lot of it makes sense. Technology offers us many advances, tons of information, and such an ability for us to learn more than we've ever had the opportunity to. Please don't hear that technology itself is bad or even that it's to blame for our…

A Lesson in Faithfulness

My fiancĂ© likes Manchester Orchestra. One day he sent me, "Every Stone" from their Hope album. After listing to it, he played the same song again but in a different style, by the same artist. 

I listened as the layers unraveled to reveal a multi-faceted piece of music. Manchester Orchestra first came out with, Cope, a gritty, real-life album - then they followed it with Hope which was compiled of the same songs in a more relaxed, acoustic version. Something about this concept grabbed hold of my thoughts. 

I don't know if it was the part of me that loves covers because just one alteration to a performance can change the emotions and delivery of a song, or if was the idea that we can go through the same thing twice but have different experiences due to perspective, or if I just love the idea that it's all in how you look at it - or listen to it in this case. 

I can tell you pretty easily, the past three years have been the most trying in my life. I can tell you I haven…

In the Midst.

Please listen and then read:


I was given this album in the season my mom was dying.

I could not be more thankful.

I was driving home on a Friday evening, turning 25. 
I was leaving my parents' house for the last time. 
Because when I would come back it would only be my father's house.

My momma's 11 year battle with cancer was ending. 

My last day with my mother was miserable.
It is still something I cannot articulate well.
Those moments are twisted up in my heart like thorns, 
and I ask God to produce from my grief a kinder, better person -
Not a person steeped in bitterness. 
But some days it is a battle. 

I left that night quite certain:
I would not say goodbye to my mother before she left. 

As I drove, I swallowed the feeling you experience right before a tragic event. 
You know, the dread that gets caught in your throat. 
The kind Satan feeds you in a hard time - where for a moment you are choking.

 It comes from seeing someone in that kind of suffering - it turns the rhythm of…