Rixton Transforms: The Spectacle of One Band's Evolution

Scooter Braun has a unique talent. No - it's not just frustrating Taylor Swift to no end. Braun has a strange monopoly on pop sensations. Under his belt are three groups: a talent management group, a label, and a publishing company. Talk about a music trifecta. One of his sensations (under Schoolboy Records), Rixton underwent quite the transformation recently. 

In 2014, the band performed alongside Justin Bieber and had two smash hits, "Me and My Broken Heart" and "Hotel Ceiling". They played on the radio non-stop, and you may even subconsciously know the words to their old songs. They were thriving. Their album Let the Road was the epitome of modern pop at the time. Rixton was doing well and with their harmonies and Scooter Braun behind them, there seemed to be no place to go but up.

But there was. Rixton fell down, and away. 


"Despite that early success, the band wasn’t satisfied with the image they had presented the world. They had achieved the dreams o…

It ends in trumpets.

It ends in trumpets.
But that's so far from how it began. 

Time and terminal illness are not supposed to be friends, but in my mother's case - they were. My mom was not supposed to stay, but she did. We were not supposed to be strong enough, but because of God - we were.

No one prayed like my mom. She had confidence, like down to the hour of something happening. She'd pray as if all the obstacles that stood in the way of that hour ever being enough time were non-existent. The miracle would always come in her belief. Cancer did not cause her to be silent. I don't how it works for God when people ask for more time, but God gave us excessive grace. 

I imagine this has much to do with one woman's persistent prayer. 

My mom stayed, but she faded: slowly, painfully. My red, my goofy song and dance, my creative, my ready to go, my dessert before the meal, my sensitive, my kaleidoscope of joy, my make it better, excited to listen - came undone. 

Grief is not isola…

What a radio has to say

You wouldn't believe the things that come to me:

in the night,

without notice,




I'm known for telling.

I'm known for saying what you cannot alone.

I am the liaison. 

You're convinced you listen to me.

Hours worth, days worth.

You get to turn me off.

You can turn me down.

You can sit silent without a sound.

But I hear every secret.

I heard you crying after that phone call.

And I know how you turn it up so you don't have to think.

I've memorized your nervous humming, the melody is now mine, too.

I sit with you.

You talk and you talk and you cry and you don't listen to the words.

It's not just me that's heard.

I listen to you.

Without revision, or a volume nob, without ceasing.

And some days I just want to shut off and never back on for all I hear. 

You break my heart with the weight.

I don't even have a heart or intelligent thought, 

but I feel for you. 

But I'll play on as long as my hardware allows.

Not for the things I hear,

but for t…

9 Songs That Help Me Sift Through the Current Chaos

"If I had a formula for by-passing trouble, I wouldn't pass it around. I wouldn't be doing anyone a favor. Trouble creates a capacity to handle it... Meet it as a friend, for you'll see a lot of it, and you had better be on speaking terms with it." 
-Oliver Wendell Holmes, (Supreme Court Justice, 1902-1932)

Let's sit a while.
It's been a heavy day, hasn't it? For some a weighty year, and for others a lifetime, or generations of difficult. You've gotta be tired. You must feel defeated.
There's a place I go, when I don't know.  God gave it to me, in His effortless kindness, there is a place I sit: called music. 
People write songs when their words are too watery. They press their most abstract phrases into perfect rhymes. Musicians can put the passion they don't know what to do with into a song and someone else who just needs a little courage can find out they aren't alone. I like to think of the Tower of Babel as where we lost our com…

"Would you be a part of the healing tide?"

"What if I told you a willing heart and soul is what you need? What if I showed you how to make a good out of somethin' wrong?"
-The War and Treaty

Breathe with me for a minute. No, humor me, close your eyes.
Listen to your lungs fill up with air, focus on the cadence as you breathe back out. Do this until you pay attention, or feel gratitude the choice is yours.
Sometimes when I get up too quickly my vision blurs. Vertigo - maybe, or just an impatience of my mind for gravity. 
In the blows of evil I feel this.
I know you feel the pains. I know you feel the loss of humanity. I know you feel the division. I know you're deafened by the noise. I know you're tired of headlines. I know you're sick from the amount of times a day you feel grief. 
I lift my head from reading, and I see spots of yellow and black. I close my eyes to push out the imbalance. I do not want to keep my eyes open. I have an impatience in my mind to feel this gravity.
The swirling pushes me into a seated pos…